Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fix Perl CPAN on OS X Mountain Lion

I regularly develop automation tools with the VMware SDK for Perl on my Macbook Pro.  However, with the latest versions of OS X, including Mountain Lion, I've found the default install of CPAN is unable to download modules after automatically generating a list of mirror sites.

The issue is the result of a bad list of mirror sites generated by CPAN's automatic configuration.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fix vCO's SSH Plugin 'InternalError: Auth fail' Issue

For those of you using the VMware Orchestrator SSH plugin, you may have encountered the following error when invoking the Run SSH command library workflow:
[2012-10-15 16:40:08.400] [I] Connecting with password
[2012-10-15 16:40:08.439] [I] Unable to execute command InternalError: Auth fail (Workflow:Run SSH command / Execute SSH Command (item6)#14) (Workflow:Run SSH command / Execute SSH Command (item6)#31) 
Of course, when using a standard SSH client such as putty or ssh, there are no issues connecting with the same username and password credential set.

The authentication failure is the result of SSH configurations that disable password authentication in favor of keyboard-interactive or public key authentication options.  Unfortunately, vCO's current version of the SSH plugin only supports password and public key authentication.